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In a half before construction
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  • 2021-08-20

EMC test environment in a (half) should be paid attention to in the construction of the problem

In a half before construction will have the following requirements must be met:

1, 3 m darkroom L * W * H to about 9 m * 6 m * 6 m, 10 m method darkroom is about 21 m * L * W * H 13 m * 9 m, laboratory construction matrix is not split, and don't have any buildings or other structures of beam and column;

2, power supply system before access filter without leakage protection device or isolation transformer isolation; Power supply meet the requirements of testing and dark room power distribution system capacity, analyte at the same time to consider a way of electricity and capacity;

3, ground roughness on any 3 m distance of not more than 3 rn, are not allowed to have accumulated error. In a dark room installation within the scope of the ground roughness can not have cumulative error caused by the ground tilt, for joining together of shielding plate are factory finished product standard size, if the surface is rough can cause difficult to assemble and shielding effect affected;

4, provide a darkroom independent grounding system, ground wire is less than 0.5 ohm resistance;

5, whether it is for parts or the whole testing laboratory must be considering the vehicle or parts into the laboratory methods, namely the shielding door should be in the form of planning;

6, foundation and ground bearing important consideration in the laboratory and testing equipment and vehicles or components bearing requirements. Dark room construction process must consider the following questions:

7, laboratory and at the top of the waterproof, because the seams of shielding materials directly filled shielding gasket may see water rust, shielding effect can cause variation;

8, ferrite back to choose environmental protection board, because the lab environment for airtight, not environmental protection material can directly cause the testing environment pollution;

9, make sure the installation method of absorbing wedge, improper installation method will result in unreliable or test environment pollution;

The interface board 10, each separated by shielding room as far as possible choose conservative form of interface, because the interface board of shielding effectiveness are more likely to give an issue;

11, a dark room and power amplifier room door to implement and test system, to ensure the safety of test personnel.

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